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Windows & Doors

We manufacture only the best quality windows for your home. Choose from casement, awning, picture, fixed, single hung, single sash slider and hopper windows. All windows are manufactured to specification and include many unique features and benefits, with some that are only available from our WindowMax™ line.

The Hardware
Roto X-DRIVE Casement and Awning Operator Series Feature powder coated steel on all exterior components for super smooth performance, unsurpassed quality, and superior corrosion resistance. Roto Operators feature a standard folding handle. 

Roto Multi-Point Lock Handles offer 180 degree handle rotation for easy operation and greater resistance to forced entry. An audible "click" signifies that the window is locked.

Roto X-DRIVE Patented Locking Systems offer high strength and security. The multi-point locking function allows all windows to be locked with one easy movement of the handle. Adjustability and metal/plastic contact between all moving parts ensures smooth, quiet performance for years to come.

EntryMax Composite™ door systems are the result of countless hours of research and development. 
With an Industry leading design, EntryMax Composite™ offers security, beauty, comfort and longevity that your home deserves.
Sidelights are available with our door systems as well.

The Components
EntryMax Composite door frames are stronger than wood, will not rot and will last a lifetime.
Our Fibreglass door slabs are stronger than steel
They will not rust and are resistant to dents and damage.
The high security design ensures maximum protection for your home. Patented ratcheting strike plate that offers a consistent positive seal. Ball bearing hinges provide smooth operation year after year 

The high security design ensures maximum protection for your home. Standard and custom matched colours are available. Some of the fibreglass door slabs are even stainable with a wood grain finish. There are many glass options available including a true 1/2" airspace with triple pane sealed unit. Decorative and etched glass options are also an excellent way to create a beautiful entranceway while allowing all the natural light in.